When we say we’re #withAndy it means a lot more than simply supporting a world famous tennis champion. It means sharing a set of values.

It’s about aiming to be world class in everything that we do. This takes talent, determination, commitment, and a focus on constantly improving and innovating.

It’s about taking a collaborative approach to achieving our ambitions. Andy’s playing schedule takes him right around the world. And his global following helps to support our brand in many of the places where we operate – in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.

And wherever we are in the world, it’s also about giving something back to those around us. From supporters to shareholders. From charities to local communities. Or from people with potential to talented employees.


Andy has goals beyond simply winning. As a sportsman, his focus is on improvement and innovation. As an entrepreneur, he is focused on building businesses and investing for the future. And as a man, he knows the importance of giving something back by contributing to his community, to charity and to helping inspire the next generation.

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Being at the top of your game requires talent. Investing in natural talent takes time, determination, resilience and a commitment to achieving excellence. To be a champion Andy has given each of these a focus. Combining that with hard work, honesty and a willingness to change, you start to find the recipe for success.

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Andy is driven to succeed by his own desire to perform and excel. But, just as importantly, he is also inspired by the people around him. From home, family and friends to his sporting competitors, heroes and fans, it’s these relationships that push him to work harder and advance further.

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